Rod Bags & Backpacks


Just as important as a successful bite while fishing is a good storage of the required accessories with convenient transport. Equipped with practical features as well as hard-wearing and water-repellent properties are rod bags that can be carried on the back, seat boxes with backpack function and seat cushions, backpacks in which tackle boxes also fit perfectly, as well as small hip and leg pockets that keep everything within easy reach.

Simply the perfect storage for pre-assembled rods

Transporting rods and fishing equipment to the water in the best possible way? That's really easy with the robust rod bag in various lengths and backpack function. With 2, 3 or 4 inner compartments, these offer a safe place for 4, 6 or 8 pre-assembled fishing rods, which are fixed with the help of integrated Velcro rod straps. Due to the good storage space and the matching patch pockets on the sides, the fishing bag can also be used to optimally store nets, rod holders, ground spikes, indicators, hooks, line, tools and other fishing accessories, so you have everything you need for a successful fishing trip. Whether in a classic olive or a trendy camouflage pattern, these practical all-round rod cases with double zippers are always helpful companions with great storage options when fishing.

Device box with storage space and comfortable seating in one

In order to fish relaxed at the fishing spot, it is nice to have a multifunctional seat box with you. The seat box, optionally with integrated feed tubs, the spacious main compartment and the lid compartment with variable division can accommodate a lot of what you need. Floats, indicators, leads, hooks, baits, tools and other useful accessories find their safe place in the fishing box itself and in the plastic boxes integrated in the lid. Outside pockets with zippers, mesh slide-in compartments, slide-in compartment on the back and mesh pockets with drawstring for drinking bottle on the detachable backpack part of the fishing bag provide further practical storage options. The rucksack function, the adjustable shoulder strap and the clip fasteners for securely closing the upholstered fishing case are very helpful for easy transport on the go.

Great companions for fishing and for everyday life

Robust backpacks and bags are also interesting for fishing. Because this is where tackle boxes, accessories and provisions fit perfectly. The spacious Assault Packs with padded back, Velcro patches and chest strap in tactical style as well as the hunter backpacks with waist belt and main compartment with drawstring in Bundeswehr style are a great companion for every adventure. Whether you use them on a fishing trip, as a hiking backpack, as a hunting backpack or as backpacker equipment, the practical features of the backpacks leave nothing to be desired. Required equipment can be optimally accommodated in the main compartments, pockets and inner compartments of the daypack for all outdoor activities. The well thought-out multipack, which goes well with the Assault Pack backpack, has 7 compartments and can be carried as a hip, shoulder or leg pocket and perfectly rounds off the equipment for fishing, trekking and leisure. With the small, multifunctional outdoor hip bag, you have a good addition with plenty of storage space in spite of its mini size. A practical bag to store fishing bait, for small utensils on survival trips, when hunting, playing paintball and when you are out on a bike or motorcycle trip.

The combination of Arapaima Fishing Equipment® fishing accessories and outdoor equipment from Black Snake® results in a favorite piece of equipment that you always want to have with you!

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